8 Simple Mexican Themed Wedding Ideas For your Destination Wedding

We can’t deny that Mexicans know how to party! It might be one of the reasons you choose to come to our little slice of heaven to get married in the first place… and it’s a great reason! Our celebrations are colourful, incredibly fun, and filled with culture. If you include just a few Mexican details in your wedding it will surely make your day more memorable. And there are more things that can “Mexicanize” your wedding than you think. And I should know! From this Mexican girl…. here are a few of the best, most original, and REAL mexican favours to add to your ceremony and reception. Scroll down to take a look!



Tequila shots for weddings

This is a must-have in any party that goes down in Mexico. I say “Mexican” shots and not “tequila” because we have so much more to offer! My personal favorite is mezcal – it gives you energy, makes you feel like partying with your friends, and it doesn’t give you a hangover!!! There is also pox, sotol, and bacanora, just to name a few. And if you go for a less well-known drink like these ones mentioned, you are more likely to find artisanal and very pure brands. You can have the tequileros engraved with your names and date or a symbolic phrase to make them into a wedding souvenir. These are very easy to find anywhere, from supermarkets to Galerias El Triunfo, depending on the price range you are looking for. If you want to go extra Mexican there is a blown glass shop in the La Toscana neighbourhood, not far from downtown, an easy taxi ride away. Your guests will appreciate the originality, and all of them are sure to get the party started after a couple of shots!



Guest enjoys wedding in a mexican sombrero

Is there an object that can almost magically put every single person at your wedding in a joyeous mood that makes them want to dance, making that moment something to remember for the rest of their lives? The answer is: YES!! And it is a Mexican sombrero!!! Maybe it is because of their background, first used by the Charros, brave Mexican horsemen and horsewomen who challenged the dead with their tricks… they just bring out the courage in people to dance like nobody is watching. It is likely that your venue has them to play with during your reception, but if not, you can easily find them on the famous 5th avenue, or a chain of stores called La Parisina who will have better prices (it is a fabric store but they have them). They can run a bit pricy, but you can have a few to share during the party and then give your guests minature versions to take home. When and how you decide to hand out sombreros, it will surely be a turning point in your celebration.



Wedding party with marcas

Yes, we love maracas. They are noisy, full of color, and let’s face it… they are the most awesome way to move from the ceremony to the reception venue. Why? With the quirky sound they make they are letting everyone around know you are celebrating. Believe me, people will clap, send you blessings, wish you the best. That’s just how Mexicans are! We are happy when other people are happy and having fun. So you will be showered with love by everyone you meet on your way from one place to another.

By the way, if you have to travel by car from one point to the next during your special day, for us that translates into your car or cars honking the entire route. This is a national code for “We are celebrating something special for us”, and of course people will honk right back at you, which is their way of saying, “We support you, we share your happiness”. So, if you think maracas are the most common of the mexican party treats, it is actually for a very lovely reason that this is the case. You can have them personalized with help from your wedding coordinator. Otherwise, on 2nd street, between 10th and 15th there is big store of artisans that can personalize them for you. There are lots of options for color, size and even styles!



Bride having fun at reception

Granted, this is not something your guests will be able to take home but they will most defenitely remember that amazing moment where the bride and groom bashed a piñata in the middle of the dance floor. The cool thing about piñatas is that you can stuff them with whatever you can think of (of course as long as it doesn’t harm you or any of your guests, lol). It can contain candies, wedding souvenirs, confetti… you name it!

The simple act of having the piñata will make your wedding memorable and lots of fun. It can be one of the most joyful ways to open the dance floor for your guests. “Hey, lets bash the piñata, and now that we are all here, let’s dance!” Even those timid will have to break a move. And if you want to go roots, ask any Mexican for the traditional song we sing when someone is hitting the piñata, or even make one up yourself! Just have fun. There are several places where you can get them in Playa del Carmen on Constituyentes between 30th and 40th streets or right outside Playacar on the side of the highway. Of course, your wedding coordinator can also get it for you. If you decide in advance, you can order any shape you want, and of course this has a different price. No matter what you opt for, it will remain a long-lasting and fun memory of your wedding reception. You will be telling that story for years to come.



Little boy at wedding ceremony in mexican caribbean

These cute, original fans are typical handcrafts from the state of Yucatan. I can assure you that your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness in the extreme for giving them something to manage the heat. Don’t get me wrong, this is the paradise on earth. But paradise is HOT! Down here we don’t have winter, spring, summer and autumn seasons. We have hot, hotter, hottest and, “has the sun come to live with us?” So, this little trinket will make you the best host of a Caribbean wedding.

These fans are very cheap if you buy them yourself, about three dollars each in a little store just outside the ADO station on Juarez and 5th. Of course your wedding planner could easily get them for you too. Their price doesn’t mean that they are cheap looking. They are actually embroidered very carefully and the colors are beautifully selected. The most traditional ones are white with the multicoloured embroidery, but they come also in black, blue and pink. And when you return home, it will be completely unique, because they are exclusively a Riviera Maya find, not even available in other parts of Mexico. Aren’t they lovely?



Name cards for mexican wedding

Who would not melt and just treasure this little curiosity? This is one of the prettiest ideas I have encountered: little patches of woven fabric. In this case they were used for the name cards, but you could easily make them into thank you cards or have love phrases that are close to you.

Knowing how much indigenous women charge for their work, I can tell you they would not be expensive. Those women are just that crafty! Look at the details, and quality of the work <3 With these you will be demonstrating to your guests real Mexican culture. They are very typical needlework from the indigenous women in Yucatan who love floral motifs like this one, and that have been passed along from generation to generation. And they are so adorable that they make for a perfect complement to a day full of Mexican memories. However,  I do have to say this is something that would definitely have to be done by your wedding planner, since the women doing this work do not normally work in the cities. It requires a drive on the highway.



Bride shows off her mexican gifts

I know, the concept sounds creepy for your wedding but down here, death has a whole different meaning.  Yes, we are getting deeper into Mexican culture, which will be all the more original and memorable! Mexicans make friends with everybody, also with death. Celebrating death is a big part of our culture, because we like to party even in the afterlife! These little boxes with little death dolls made out of clay are fun, festive, full of color and make for incredible Mexican wedding souvenirs. There is little cute store at 5th, between 2nd and 4th that has them. Whenever your guests look at these back in their homes, they will for sure remember having an amazing time in a Mexican environment. Because nothing says “Mexican party” like a death doll having fun! And you will be seen as real Mexican connoisseur. Respect 😉



Maricahi at Royalton beach wedding

I know, I know…your guests cannot take a mariachi back with them. Although, if we all had a mariachi living in our house, life would be better. But this is a Mexican party characterstic you should definitely have at your wedding. Mariachis are the hearts of an emblematic Mexican celebration. They all have a full repertoire of songs from different Mexican styles. And they are showmen that truly know how to spicy a party up! They won’t just be there playing music, they are all-in. You will feel their passion and commitment, and they will invite people to dance, to sing, to have fun. And they most likely have a cover of some popular pop songs.

They are the embodiment of party, and if they sense there is even a couple of guests not having the best time of their lives they will make sure they do. Mariachis take pride in their music and their job, and they do it beautifully. You will not regret even a bit having had a marichi on your wedding day. I personaly believe they are best later in the night, when everybody is in full party mode and they also make for a great closing act.


So, add one Mexican detail or two, or go full Mexican on your wedding day. Two things are certain, you and your guests will have lots of fun and it will be a memorable day. Having a Mexican party is like being a child again, it is all about the fun without another care in the world. And down here in the Riviera Maya there is everything you need to make your wedding day an amazing party like you are one of us. Party like a Mexican, we know how to it 😉