Dear Rachel

These are absolutely beautiful and absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for capturing the most important day of our lives in such an amazing way. Looking through the pictures brought me right back to those very moments. 

Thank you again Rachel and I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures!!
All the best to you and the whole team!

Noelle & BrendanNoelle+Brendan BLOG-0001 Noelle+Brendan BLOG-0002 Noelle+Brendan BLOG-0003 Noelle+Brendan BLOG-0004 Noelle+Brendan BLOG-0005 Noelle+Brendan BLOG-0006 Noelle+Brendan BLOG-0007 Noelle+Brendan BLOG-0008 Noelle+Brendan BLOG-0009 Noelle+Brendan BLOG-0010 Noelle+Brendan BLOG-0011 Noelle+Brendan BLOG-0012 Noelle+Brendan BLOG-0013 Noelle+Brendan BLOG-0014 Noelle+Brendan BLOG-0015 Noelle+Brendan BLOG-0016 Noelle+Brendan BLOG-0017