Spice up your destination wedding at the Riviera Maya with a pinch of Mexico!

Coming down to the Riviera Maya for a destination beach wedding is obviously the best idea you guys ever had! When the time comes to arrange the day in detail, there are so many choices to be made, for example about the style of decoration you choose. Many couples opt for a theme, this could be a color theme or a certain style varying from romantic to modern and minimalistic. Since you are getting married in Mexico, why not look into the option of adding a bit of the local flavour onto your wedding day?

A full Mexican theme wedding might not be your cup of tea, but it’s just so much fun to add a touch of Mexico to your wedding day now that you and your guests are here. This can be done in very subtle ways as well.

We once more browsed through all of our countless wedding photos of the past few years to collect the best Mexican theme wedding inspiration for you. Enjoy and get inspired!


Let’s start with Lauren and Nuno’s wedding. Still one of our favourites, and we love how they incorporated maracas, sombreros and a piñata into their beach wedding fiesta for a touch of Mexico. View more of this amazing wedding here.

Mexican theme weddingMexican theme wedding  Mexican theme wedding


Tobacco! We’re surrounded by some of the most famous tobacco producing regions in the world. Charity and Joe made sure there were freshly rolled cigars for everyone. View more of their amazing wedding day here.

Mexican theme wedding Mexican theme wedding Mexican theme wedding


Tacos must be Mexico’s national favourite for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, they are multi-functional at weddings: Andrea and Steve had some before their ceremony to avoid vowing on an empty stomach, and for Dana and Michael and their guest it was the perfect midnight snack.

Mexican theme wedding Mexican theme weddingMexican theme wedding


For the sweet tooth, there’s another Mexican style snack to think of. We loved theses ‘churros con chocolate’ served to Ambra and Bryan and their guests. Looks yummie, right?! View the full slideshow of this wedding here.

Mexican theme wedding


Mallory and Joseph chose to add our Playaweddings Photobooth to their photo- and video package. Comes with enough props to play a proper game of dress-up: Mexican style! Their whole wedding day was just so beautiful and so much fun, view it here.

Mexican theme wedding


Tequila. Need we say more?? An obvious, but no less important Mexican wedding idea. Like many other Riviera Maya newlyweds, Adeline and Stephen turned their reception into a big party. Because a party without Herradura tequila is not a real fiesta. View their beautiful wedding here for more wedding style inspiration.

mexican theme wedding mexican theme wedding mexican theme wedding


Sandra and Curt’s female family members were all dressed in colourful huipiles, and the male family member were wearing guayaberas. Traditional Mexican, and so beautiful! View Sandra and Curt’s intimate wedding day here.

mexican theme wedding mexican theme wedding


What do maracas, Sol beer and lucha libre masks have in common? They all fit perfectly into a Mexican theme wedding! All seen at Noelle and Brandan’s wedding, a super fun night guaranteed! View more of their wedding day here.

Mexican theme wedding Mexican theme wedding Mexican theme wedding


A subtle touch of Mexico we see in locally designed wedding bouquets. Look at these cute agave plants surrounded by softer flowers. We saw these bouquets with agave on the weddings of Gloria and Collin, and Ambra and Bryan.

mexican theme wedding mexican theme wedding


We often get to enjoy Mariachi groups at weddings. Quite special! In Mexico, and especially the state of Jalisco, where the first mariachi groups originally came from, no celebration goes by without the traditional songs of the mariachi. Taryn and Terry, Sandra and Curt, and Charity and Joe are just a few of the many couples who invited mariachi to play on their wedding day.

Mexican theme wedding Mexican theme weddingMexican theme wedding


Let me end with one of my personal favourites: the piñata! Gloria and Collin did get to smash one on the beach. Can this get any better?! More of their beach wedding here.

mexican theme wedding


We hope you got inspired by our collection of Mexican Theme Wedding ideas!

Riviera Maya wedding photography by Rachel Schrank of PlayaWeddings. We document weddings in the Riviera Maya, Mexico and worldwide!